High intensive luminous flux out of a single light source

Lights must be clustered for headlights

Very high light flux density


Very high luminous efficiency 90 lm/W

Very high luminous effeciciency >90 lm/W @ 25°C

Efficiency increases with bulb temperature

Efficiency decreases with LED temperature

Stray light in classic reflector design is possible and improves visibility from the side by others

Lense with combination of reflector and projection is recommended, no retrofited in existing reflectors.

Very long life time depending on cycle mode and ballast

Even longer life time but only if not overheated.

Requires ballast control gear

LED requires control of temperature and current limitation

Ballast can be separated from bulb

Cooling provision must directly be installed at LED

Spectrum starts at the UVA blue edge and can therefore use fluorescence effects of road signs

Spectrum starts only beyond UVA blue at visible blue and cannot do this.

HID spectrum has very high color output at maximum sensitivity for standard eye response at daytime AND nighttime

White LED spectrum has minimum color output at maximum sensitivity for standard eye response at nighttime

Standardized geometry of bulb

No standardized geometry therefore no retrofitting

Standardized geometry of socket

No such thing is existing no retrofitting

Bulbs available at moderate price

No standard chip size for head lights

Unfortunately major bulb manufacturers did not improve the light output performance of automotive HID bulbs since 15 years And bulbs free from mercury do not reach EU HID requirements because of reduced light output when starting a cold bulb.

Nucon GbR however is able to offer even an improvement by using miniature short arc lamps, driven at very hi frequency!

The advantages are:
much higher lum efficiency beyond 100 lm/W
further increased lumen density achieved by new miniature xenon arc capsules, developed by Chinese bulb manufacturers.

To match long life time a HID must be driven by 100% pure AC current and shall be started without DC phase. Nucon GbR can definitely do that!

Nucon GbR ballasts with their pure hi frequency run up even improove the performance of the new mercury free bulbs

Nucon GbR improves ballast technology in respect of safety and general performance without rising costs, quite on the contrary, we were also able to reduce costs.

Standard eye response curve daytime nighttime

White LED spectral distribution has a minium of color output for night vision.

HID has peak values and grants good vision at day and night!!

HID has usefull spektral data for UVA headlights from 350 to 400 nm

Ultraviolet light has a shorter wavelenght and is invisible to the human eye. When the UV light is scattered by materials the wavelenghts are converted to longer visible wavelenght. The so called fluorescence offers enourmous potential for improving safety for road safety. UV light can improve the visibility without dazzling oncoming traffic. Like already today most road signs, roadside posts have fluorescent special pigments. Many materials used in everyday clothing are naturally fluorescent and by the whitener of detergents the phenomen is further increased. The remaining UVA light intensity of the HID headlights is very low compared to daylight. However the UVA of HID headlights is helping especially for the highbeam to see beyond the borders of LED or halogen, which most drivers of Xenon equipped cars won't miss anymore although they don't know the physical background of nature of light!