We offer developement of hardware and software for power supplies focused on power gears for ballasts HID & LED We design and simulate magnetic principles for different switch mode power supply topologies.

We have experience with OEM requirements. Our HID-ballast can be customised for your special needs, like round shapes, wide input range from 8V to 30V. Any type of bulb can be configured for the right operation!

HID hand held power light 20-70W design example based on Nucon ballast.

New software modules are in use for driving LEDs including thermal management without an extra temp sensor

Solving problems with the right tools:

Design experience with embedded systems ARM, ATMEL, PIC, ST, TI . CAD Tools: Rhino, OrCAD Capture, PSPICE, PCB-designer v16.0. A big number of development tools for hardware design in house including EMI Antenna and CNC machine. Experience in design of production tester, forwarding and managing project to external fabrication house.

If you are intrested in our services, please mail to info@nucon.de